Empower digital identity with data privacy rights and seamless data validation

Confidare is a comprehensive user interface to IDBridge that delivers the starting experience for next-generation digital identity and data privacy. Confidare allows consumers/data owners (PDS), enterprises/data consumers (Service Providers) and data validators (Trusted Parties) to exchange sensitive data and maintain trusted validations.

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Secure Storage

Store and share user-generated content like images, audio, and video with powerful, simple, and cost-effective object storage. IDBridge works with various providers which includes AWS S3, Google GCP, and others. Before content leaves a user’s browser, our browser-based encryption will secure it and also uses TLS v3 in transit.

Share Directory

A market network is a platform that combines elements of an n-sided marketplace, a network, and workflow solutions. Both services providers (Fintech Companies, Healthcare networks, etc.) and trusted parties (Data Validators, Notarizers, etc.) are welcome to come and publish their services here.

Digital Identity


Consumers want personalized experiences. With the underlying power of IDBridge, Confidare shows data shared by customers and consent they have given with a high level of transparency and respect for customer data privacy.. As a result, we are able to address your data privacy concerns and free up workflow resources.

Data Validators (Trusted Party)

As a Validator, the ecosystem enables you to provide trusted identity verification services for Requesters. Validate data shared between data owners and data requesters using a combination of proofs and different levels of due diligence. Once published, validations allow the data requestor to determine whether or not a service can be rendered based on the accuracy of the data.

Trusted Party