Cambridge Blockchain launches IDBridge v3

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Cambridge, Massachusetts — Cambridge Blockchain today announced its flagship product IDBridge v3 to its enterprise customers. IDBridge, an API solution, enables the policy-driven management of a single view of key data across an enterprise. This capability frees enterprises to rapidly innovate in a distributed manner while enjoying the benefits of the managed sharing of data to leverage benefits across the organization.

Notable Features: Customer on-boarding simplified, services marketplace, data validator marketplace, powerful blockchain centric attestation store, comprehensive access management and administrative capabilities.

"In the face of emerging data privacy and other regulations, IDBridge will change the way enterprises manage sensitive data while seamlessly and efficiently supporting their existing business processes. It notably meets a growing need for large organizations to manage the sharing of sensitive data across their silos to rapidly grow their businesses while remaining compliant with applicable policies", said Alok Bhargava, CEO of Cambridge Blockchain.

There is a great opportunity for several enterprise leaders to reduce their difficulties integrating with their existing infrastructure. The product is designed and developed completely to offer flexibility in configuring the way enterprises want to. “IDBridge is packed with incredible technologies which were designed with enterprise customers in mind. It is a scalable product which can be integrated with variety of data stores and technologies," said Muthu Arumugam, VP of Engineering from Cambridge Blockchain.

IDBridge v3.3 is available for integration starting today, Feb 14th 2020. Please contact our with your questions or enquiries.


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