CCPA - California Consumer Privacy Act

In the wake of the introduction of regulations such as GDPR and increasing public concern over data privacy, the state of California passed CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) into law on June 28, 2018. Since CCPA came into effect on January 1, 2020, businesses that are subject to it are now faced with the task of complying with each of its components.

In order to simplify this task, Cambridge Blockchain has developed IDBridge, a digital identity solution that will help your business streamline CCPA compliance with the following features:

Consent-based Data Sharing: CCPA requires businesses to let consumers know what data they are holding and why they are holding it. Additionally, consumers must be able to opt out of the sale of personal data. By providing consent for each piece of data shared with a business in our solution, consumers will know exactly what data they are sharing, how their data will be used and decide whether or not their data can be sold to other parties.

Secure Data Storage: CCPA endows consumers with the ability to take legal action against a business for statutory damages in the event of a data breach. To ensure that proper security measures are in place to prevent data breaches, businesses can use our solution to store sensitive data with powerful, simple, and cost-effective object storage. 

Customizable Schema: Spending time to understand and comply with CCPA requires businesses to expend a significant amount of resources. With our solution, this compliance process has been streamlined by allowing you to request consumer consent to policies that have been designed specifically to satisfy CCPA requirements.

Personal Data Deletion: Under CCPA, consumers have a right to request that their personal information be deleted. Our solution allows consumers to easily revoke access to specific data within a particular service or across all services at once.

Blockchain Audit Trail: To enforce CCPA, regulators will want a clear picture of how businesses have been respecting consumer privacy. Our blockchain audit trail feature address this by maintaining an immutable log of consumer consent for every instance of data sharing in our solution.