Confidare v1.5 Released Today

Cambridge Blockchain is proud to announce the release of Confidare v1.5 today. In order to create a more complete SaaS offering, this version of Confidare improves the user experience, expands on existing functionality from v1 and introduces new functionality.

Data privacy is becoming key to regulatory compliance these days. We make it efficient and easier with our suite of products. With the release of v1.5, storing, sharing and validating data in Confidare is now more intuitive. Improvements to the user experience such as enhanced visual cues, new table filters and general formatting changes will allow users to take full advantage of our platform’s capabilities without spending too much time having to learn it.

Existing functionality has been greatly expanded, specifically around schema management. Previously, the administrator was able to view and add attribute or policy definitions to their respective catalogs. Now, the administrator has more control over existing definitions with the ability to either edit or deactivate them. Additionally, definitions can now be tagged with custom tags managed by the administrator. These tags will allow users in any role to have a more personalized experience by only displaying the definitions that are relevant to their needs.

New functionality includes notifications, a configurable new user onboarding flow and personal account deletion. With real-time notifications, a customer can stay up-to-date about the latest developments according to their different roles. For enterprises that want their customers to activate an onboarding service after sign up, the new user onboarding flow allows you to configure a service definition that must be consumed before full access to Confidare is granted.

We are happy to announce that we also support RTBF (Right to be forgotten), a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulation requirement, in our SaaS platform. Confidare now supports personal account deletion by stopping all data sharing with other parties and removing personal data after post-processing periods are over. This process can be initiated with just a single click.

Confidare was publicly launched on Feb 14, 2020 under

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