Confidare v1 is released today

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Confidare, web application, is launched today for public use as a playground site. It's a preview of a SaaS offering from Cambridge Blockchain which offers capabilities for data privacy and lifecycle management of data validations.

"Confidare will change the way digital identity is managed by respecting consumers desperate need for privacy and data rights, while enabling enterprises to seamlessly yet much more efficiently operate their existing business processes", said Alok Bhargava, CEO of Cambridge Blockchain.

Manage customers in a simple and secure way. Confidare offers multiple methods to authenticate, including email and password, third-party providers, and your existing account system. Build your own interface, or take advantage of our fully customizable UI. Address your customers’ data privacy concerns, adapt to a changing data privacy landscape and improve your existing business processes.

"Confidare is based on Cambridge Blockchain's cutting edge technology and vision of a seamless identity and data management. It leverages distributed ledger technologies combined with well proven enterprise-grade cryptography, to create and maintain a tamper resistant audit trail, that captures data sharing consent across multiple stakeholders by protecting at the same time customer data. The Confidare v1 release is a Cambridge Blockchain hosted SaaS offering that can also be hosted on-premise.", said Alex Oberhauser, CTO of Cambridge Blockchain.

Confidare is publicly launched on Feb 14, 2020 under

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