Cambridge Blockchain Launches IDBridge v4

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Cambridge, Massachusetts — Cambridge Blockchain announced its flagship product IDBridge v4 to its enterprise customers today. IDBridge, an API solution, enables policy-driven, key data management across an enterprise.

In this release, we introduced tagging functionality for both our attribute and policy catalogs. Through the use of tagging and tag filters, enterprise customers can quickly access relevant attributes and policies in order to streamline their service definition or validation definition creation process.

Additionally, we have developed more robust blockchain controls with governance support through Kaleido. Our homegrown nonce management solution is available as part of the system’s default configuration.

In order to provide customers with the ability to utilize their existing data sources, we have introduced the LinkedData attribute type. LinkedData accomplishes this by storing a link to the existing data source in the form of a URI. This allows enterprises to continue complying with existing security guidelines. This feature is not only very secure but also allows Cambridge Blockchain to support both GDPR & CCPA regulation using our powerful consent management system.

As of today, IDBridge v4.0 is available for integration. Please direct any questions or inquiries to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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