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Cambridge Blockchain, Inc., pioneer in digital identity enterprise software, and Envision Blockchain 

Solutions, industry leading blockchain systems integrator and longtime Microsoft partner, announced today the release of digital identity management consulting service in Microsoft Azure.

The Cambridge Blockchain digital identity solution puts the user in control of access to his or her identity attributes and enables enterprises to comply with strict, new, emerging privacy regulations.


Azure customers worldwide now gain access to Cambridge Blockchain’s invaluable data management expertise and solutions that take advantage of the scalability, reliability and agility of Azure to drive application development and shape business strategies.

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About CB




Cambridge Blockchain

Cambridge Blockchain provides privacy-protecting enterprise software for digital service providers — such as banks and financial services, insurance, and healthcare, among others— delivering strong digital identities at a global scale while providing individuals with control over their own identity data.


By combining blockchain technology with an off-chain personal data service, the company creates an independent source of validation through an internal or external network of trusted parties, natural persons, legal entities and devices.


Identity data is reliably and flexibly managed and secured, leading to seamless transactions, operational efficiencies and strong privacy.

Learn more: cambridge-blockchain.com

Envision Blockchain Solutions

Envision Blockchain Solutions is a Blockchain Ledger Agnostic Systems Integrator. Our mission is to reshape and align today’s Enterprise systems allowing organizations to recognize the new value in tomorrow’s Industry Vertical Solutions.


The management team has years of Fortune 500 experience and has built a team of subject matter experts in Blockchain and Business Transformation Processes within Emerging Technologies.


We focus on guiding organizations through 3 major milestones on their Blockchain journey: Use Case Analysis, Proof of Concept Development and Enterprise Scaled Deployments.

Learn more: envisionblockchain.com 

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